Plans & Payments


Personal Coaching and Consulting.

First and Second Year Graduates $90 per 30 minute call.

All other Chiropractors and Business owners $110 per 30 minute call.

No Contracts. Minimun Coaching period is 4 weeks.


Online Coaching

What does it involve?

We provide a web based visual platform for you to create and record dream settings, affirmations, goals, ideal day, and to graph your numbers of regular visits, new clients and progress exams. Most importantly every week you will be sent 4 short powerful coaching videos to help you and your team (if you have one) grow to new heights. Finally you will be invited to a one on one introductory Skype coaching call to help get you integrated and powering along.

  • One video for the chiropractor 
  • One for the CA
  • One for you both on marketing
  • One for you on current affairs or specific injury protocols or client requested topics.
  • One introductory Skype coaching call. Usually done on Wednesdays.
  • Access to all of our resources we have used and currently use at Health Space Clinics.

We are creating more than a coaching platform it is a community of growing and succeeding chiropractors.

Students and 1st Year Graduates

$29 per week.  $10 of which goes to the ASRF

All Other Chiropractors

$39 per week. $10 of which goes to the ASRF

No Contracts.